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How to purchase bitcoins in South Africa?

A very popular Wallet used in South Africa is Xapo This has the added advantage of being able to order a debit card from them as well if you want a quick option to access your funds at any ATM. Xapo would be your bitcoin wallet. A good guide on how to purchase bitcoin with your debit/credit card in South Africa can be found here. Once you have purchased your bitcoins, you would provide the vendor with your bitcoin wallet in Xapo, and the funds would be sent there. Once it has cleared to your Xapo wallet, it is simply a quick login and send the bitcoins to the wallet address supplied by the My Daily Cash Machine system.

What bitcoin wallet has a good debit card?

I would recommend CryptoPay Debit Card Using that link will get 25% off the cost of the card. They have very low fees, and I find that when transferring bitcoins to the card takes only about 10 minutes. It is a VISA card, and can be used in many places all around the world. The nice thing about this as well is that it has various currencies attached to it, so your money value does not go up and down when bitcoin price changes, which makes it difficult to budget how much money you have. I ordered and it took 5 days to deliver. Rang up an automated phone line and was given my pin immediately.
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