How it works?

My Daily Cash Machine provides targeted traffic to your websites. We can offer geo-location as well.

You can choose to be either just an Advertiser, where you pay us to display your websites, and do not receive any revenue shared, or you can sign-up as an Earner.

An Earner has the opportunity to buy an Adpack of $35, which gives them the opportunity to share in the revenue the site makes on a daily basis, up to 120%. The requirement to qualify to earn is to have an active Adpack. To qualify for an active Adpack, you need to surf a minimum of 15 websites per 24 hour period. The payment you receive every day in your ad balance is an incentive to view websites.

You can of course signup to be both an Advertiser as well as an Earner.

We have numerous earning opportunities for you as well:

CPA Offers: CPA stands for Cost Per Action. If you complete certain tasks, 3rd party advertisers will pay you for completing the task. We have our own CPA-Network as well, where you can earn money and even buy Adpacks with it. You can join MDCM CPA Network here.
CPA offers make up a huge proportion of our external income, and all profits get distributed on a daily basis and is shared amongst qualified users.
Adpacks: Purchasing a $35 Adpack gives you page views for your website, and you could share in the profit up to a total of 120%. There is no fixed amount earned each day, and is largely reliant on members doing CPA offers on a daily basis, and if you have surfed your minimum of 15 websites per 24 hour period.
TrafficGrid: A picture of 100 blocks, each one containing a website to visit. You have 20 chances to win up to $5.
Cashlinks: Occasionally members will buy cashlinks. The person who buys a cashlink and a person who clicks the cashlink shares the profit of this.
Traffic Exchange: Surf websites and earn money. Once you have locked in your payment processor, you can withdraw your traffic exchange balance. (first withdrawal is $10, and then $5 after that)
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